Ecology and Conservation of Wolves in a Changing World

Ecology and Conservation of Wolves in a Changing World
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The twentieths century has seen the transformation of the image of wolves from a dangerous predator to a valued member of natural ecosystems. In the course of time, economic realities, social values, emotional attachment to the species, biological research and management programs were inter-winded to contribute to this metamorphosis. The Second North American Symposium on Wolves, held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada brought together more than 100 authorities and over 500 attendees to present and discuss the latest information about the ecology of this species in a changing world.

The specific goals of the wolf symposium were:

  • to review the status of wolves in various parts of North America and compare changes from 1983 (date of first wolf symposium publication) to 1992 (date to the second Symposium);
  • to update knowledge on the biology of wolves and identify gaps in research on the species;
  • to evaluate the adequacies of nature reserves in wolf conservation, review reintroduction programs in the Yellowstone area, as well as update the latest thinking about taxonomy and population dynamics of wolves; and,
  • to document the economic and environmental impact of wolf predation of hunting, livestock production and tourism.

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